Gaming Thrives During Coronavirus

The gaming market is benefiting from the coronavirus restrictions. According to SteamDB data, a record number of 23,434,674 users was logged in to Steam on Sunday, March 29th.1 Jarosław Zeisner, a board member of BTC Studios, believes that the industry shows great strength in the time of crisis and will prove itself to be even stronger and more important than ever before. 
The coronavirus pandemic motivated many countries to implement restrictive measures related to movement and meetings with other people as well as recommending self-isolation to their citizens. These restrictions affected many sectors of the economy, including the entertainment industry. In many countries, cinemas and theaters were closed, sports leagues suspended games, and broadcasters halted production of series and films. Because of the decreased number of entertainment options, many people turned to gaming with its rich product portfolio appealing to a wide demographic range. This interest is evident in the growing, record-breaking statistics of the largest stores selling games.
"The strength of a specific industry can be seen in how it performs in a time of crisis," says Zeisner. "Gaming shows that, in a period of restrictions, it may be one of the few industries that performs well in difficult times. The statistics demonstrate that people are spending their free time on gaming platforms during quarantine. Steam is constantly hitting new highs in popularity, and it'll certainly reach even greater heights. It is worth noting that the industry was expanding and developing its user base much earlier than before quarantining began. Gaming's business model and the specific skills it requires are exceptionally well-suited to the current situation. Many gaming companies have been utilizing a remote work model for years, and creating a game doesn’t require any raw materials beyond human skills and computer technology. In my opinion, the gaming industry will be stronger than ever before after the coronavirus passes."