Blockchain Lab S.A. Announces Name Change and Release Calendar for 2020

Blockchain Lab S.A. submitted an application to KRS (the National Court Registry of Poland) for changing its name to BTC Studios S.A. The company also intends to launch seven games by the end of 2020. They are to include mobile games for Android and iOS devices as well as the company’s first game for the Nintendo Switch console. Jarosław Zeisner, board member of Blockchain Lab S.A., announces a busy publishing period in the life of the company and a number of activities related to the promotion of games on Polish and international markets.

“We have a very intense three quarters ahead of us in terms of production and publishing,” explains Jarosław Zeisner, board member of Blockchain Lab S.A. “Despite the epidemic surrounding it, gaming is one of the few industries that can benefit from this situation. For many people, gaming is one of the few areas along with VOD where you can still get new entertainment content. Due to the cancellation of many sporting and cultural events, people naturally turn to gaming. MotoGP or Formula One class competitions will be replaced by games featuring the leading heroes of those disciplines, in order to bring those sporting events to our homes where we’ll have to stay for some time. We see this situation as a business opportunity, and at the same time, we want to actively support users by providing some of our productions on preferential terms.”

Blockchain Lab S.A., which is currently registering its name change to BTC Studios S.A., intends to launch a total of seven games from its portfolio in the next three quarters of 2020: “Taffy: Feed The Kitty” (Android / IOS), “Taffy’s Food Run” (Android / IOS), “Sadie Sparks’ Magic Match” (Android / IOS), “Sadie Sparks’ Magic Words” (Android / IOS), “Overlords: Empire at War” (Android / IOS), “Steam Defense” (Android / IOS / Switch) and “Captain Jack’s Adventures” (Android / IOS).

In addition, on February 21, 2020, the process of establishing and registering a new subsidiary of Blockchain Lab S.A. (Madsword Studios) under Latvian law was completed. The Latvian studio is a team of experienced game developers with a rich base of over 160 titles for mobile platforms that have achieved considerable success on international markets. Its latest production “Overlords: Empires at War” debuted at the beginning of March in soft-launch form in Poland and Latvia. The full premiere on Android and iOS is planned for September 2020. Below is the full publishing schedule for 2020.

TytułPlatformaData premiery
Taffy: Feed The KittyAndroid/iOSMay 2020
Sadie Sparks’ Magic MatchAndroid/iOSJune 2020
Overlords: Empires at WarAndroid/iOSSeptember 2020
Steam DefenseAndroid/iOSAugust 2020
Taffy’s Food RunAndroid/iOSJuly 2020
Sadie Sparks’ Magic Words
November 2020
Captain Jack’s AdventuresAndroid/iOSOctober 2020
Steam DefenseSwitchOctober 2020